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At first I loved. Then I observed. Finally I photographed

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Born in 1988, since I was a child, I've been interested in nature, and looked for snakes, spiders, insects, touched tree barks, spied wild boars and foxes, admired the Sea and its colourful inhabitants. In 1999-2000 I started taking photographs together with my father, trying to join my passion for nature and congealing moments of natural life. I've been taking photographs on transparencies for many years, than I had to adopt a digital system (initially without conviction, but in the end satisfied). By 2002-2003 I started learning scubadiving tecniques, becoming then an instructor, and this practice permitted me to see and take photographs of some species hardly seen while snorkelling. Environmental Guide, I'm graduated in Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy with a thesis on nocturnal activity of the European Asp (Vipera aspis), and in Natural Sciences with a thesis on habitat use in the common wall lizard (Podarcis muralis). My photographs, papers and divulgative articles have been published on several magazines; in 2007, I discovered a new spider species from Sardinia. Host in TV broadcasts as Lineablu and Geo, I also coauthored some photographic and identification books, and realized many personal and collective exhibitions about Italian wildlife. Several photographs of mine have won or received special mentions in some international photo contests, as Asferico, GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine and, most of all, Wildlife Photographer of the Year where I have been chosen as category winner twice (2011-2016). I've also been judge in several competitions as Asferico, Nature Photographer of the Year, See in the Sea, Abissi Città di Venezia, In&Out and others. I think curiosity and passion, together with respect and awe for natural environments, to be the strength that should drive any "être à deux pieds sans plumes". I'm often forced to conclude that Murphy's law widely intervenes in wildlife photography...

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I'd like to thank many people, so any list would always be incomplete. Anyway, many people helped in research, photography, or simply during walks and underwater dives, someone for a short period, others for a longer period. In strictly alphabetical order: Federica Bedei, Emanuele Biggi, Giacomina Carìa, Carla Castiglioni, Anna Cataldi, Carlo Colombo, Giorgio Colombo, Susanna Colombo, Ilaria Cossu, Matteo Di Nicola, Pietro Formis, Antonio Macioce, Chiara Maffioletti, Eleonora Manca, Bruno Manunza, Alex Mustard, Mattia Nocciola, Roberto Pegolo, Aldo Rismondo, Mario Romor, Francesca Rosazza, Giuseppe Rossi, Roberto Rossi, Giulia Scotto, Matteo Simonic, Giulia Tessa, Francesco Tomasinelli, Egidio Trainito, Miho Tsuruoka, Giuseppe Zambellini and many others.


Good cameras make good files, not good images.

Anyway, as many people ask,

here is a list of equipment I'm using at the moment:

Nikon D700

Nikon D850

Nikon D90 (underwater)

105 mm AF Micro Nikkor

Kenko estension tubes

28-70 mm Nikon

70-200 mm Nikon

150-600 mm Sigma Sport

Tokina 10-17 mm

Isotecnic underwater housings and domes

Nikonos SB105 strobes (underwater)

SB600 strobe

R1C1 Macro Kit Flash Nikon